Monday, October 5, 2009

MADSEN brochure

It has been a true privilege to help this small startup bike company find its voice. Working with the infinitely talented Sean Bates, we created a brochure that establishes MADSEN bikes as a hip, affordable and fun alternative to driving. Because my writing career started in the cycling industry, and because I'd been coveting these bikes many months before Sean even asked me for help, this project holds a special place in my heart.

Channel Signal landing page

Channel Signal challenged us to tell their story online, in a single page. Here's the result. Working with my friends at earcomm, we created a simple landing page with three brief rollovers and a strong call to action. Visit the actual website to see how the animation helps tell the story. I love it when words and visuals work together so harmoniously.

Futura Industries print ad

Futura Industries makes custom aluminum parts for tons of things we encounter every day, from treadmills to flooring to truck grates. As a relatively new entrant into the solar industry, Futura wanted to convince solar manufacturers that aluminum is a smart, sustainable material to use for solar panel frames--and that Futura has the expertise to create these highly technical parts. Working with the marketing and design pros at Attract Interact, we created an ad that met both of these challenges.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HomeLiving brochure

This is a beautiful before and after story. The "before" brochure for HomeLiving Services: A mission statement, a bulleted list of services, and a few utilitarian details. The "after" brochure: A story with emotional appeal, a well-defined competitive advantage, branded services, and telling details that sell HomeLiving's unique services--all in a beautifully designed, sophisticated package. I loved working with designer Travis Purrington to re-think and revitalize the HomeLiving brand and message.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sonoran Bloom branding and launch campaign

To establish its newest brand, Sonoran Bloom, wellness leader TriVita needed everything from a compelling brand story to a complete website, and from actionable direct mail pieces to powerful Flash demos. Working with a large team at Axis41, we created a cohesive cross-media campaign with an irresistible story. This substantial undertaking required both big conceptual ideas and meticulous attention to detail.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ciena Connects Flash promo

It's great fun when I get an opportunity to write conceptually and communicate with metaphor. This Ciena project presented me with an opportunity to do just that. The creative challenge was to illustrate the benefits of a new Ciena employee community in a blink-of-an-eye Flash intro. Working with Axis41, we created two concepts that explore the concept of co-worker collaboration. To pull it off in as few words as possible, we used a basic and timeless communication principle: show, don't tell.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Adobe Magazine

Adobe Magazine was a gift from Adobe to its customers--high on creative inspiration, soft on Adobe marketing. As editor of this interactive PDF magazine, I worked with a large team at Euro RSCG Edge, and a different internationally renowned designer for each of the five issues we developed. Together we created an inspiring publication that reinforced Adobe's position as a creative thought leader by showcasing cutting-edge work--and illustrating the techniques behind it.